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MEET & GREET | € 25.000

The ideal package for the gentleman who likes to meet me in an open setting to talk about the possibilities, to get to know me better or to find out if this is something that you want. Some men don’t know exactly what they want or desire and this is the perfect opportunity to talk openly about your feelings without being judged. This can include financial domination and humiliation.

DRINKS & DANCING | € 45.000

Imagine yourself dancing with the most beautiful woman in the nightclub, or enjoy a cocktail in that hip lounge bar in the presence of Sublime Mistress who outshines all others. The Drinks & Dancing package is your opportunity to do exactly that. This can include an element of humiliation as I am a beautiful woman and men always come and talk to me. You can watch me have conversations and flirt with other men while I am ignoring you.


I like meeting interesting men and don’t mind being in their company. Over the years I have noticed that some men just feel the need to talk. My interests are broad and I am unprejudiced. This means you may talk to me about anything or nothing at all. That means I will accompany a gentlemen as their companion to various events such as dinner dates, weddings, business functions and other red carpet social events. This can include a form of financial domination and humiliation.

SHOPPING | € 40.000

You take me out shopping (Bahnhofstrasse– Zurich, Bond Street – London, Avenue Montaigne – Paris, Paseo de Gracia – Barcelona, Ginza Line – Tokyo and more). The amount specified at the top is for my time. The minimum amount that I require being able to spend is € 30.000. You will make sure that you buy me a gift and present it to me at our meeting. I will only accept Jewelry and Cartier Love bracelets are one of my favorites. This can include humiliation.


Take me on a first class vacation to a destination of my choice. You will provide me with a minimum of € 3000 a day spending money or your black credit cards for me to use whenever I want. I demand a separate accommodation but depending on my mood I will allow you to sleep in the closet or chained to the bed. I will make you pay for being allowed to sleep in my presence and you will gladly do so. You will also be able to serve as my butler and cater to my every whim.


In my world all men are to be kept in chastity, available to serve me the Sublime Mistress and not their own selfish desires! I offer male management and training with the help of my favorite chastity device the DreamLover2000. It provides instant behaviour correction and attitude adjustment in any situation just the way I like it. The mentioned amount is the minimum amount required for me to take you on this journey. We can discuss the details online, over the phone or during a meeting.