Beginning your descent into Findom decadence is easy. From there out, I make no promises of ANYTHING being easy.

Letters of Love and hate mail may be sent directly to:

Note: I’m a busy Woman, don’t expect a quick response. If you intend to offer yourself up for my Pleasure, sending a tribute along with an introduction email would probably be your best bet. I find the “promise of money” and gift-waving tactics rather unstimulating.

Send gift cards directly to:

Skype Sessions & Phone Calls

You may call me but you need to set up an appointment first by sending me an email along with a tribute. You can also send a Text or WhatsApp message along with the mention of your tribute to this number …………… (available after first contact). Upon receiving your tribute you will receive the date and time to call me including my phone number.

Skype Sessions 15 minutes  €  2.500             Phone Calls 15 minutes € 1.500
Skype Sessions 30 minutes  €  5.000             Phone Calls  30 minutes € 3.000
Skype Sessions  45 minutes  €  7.500            Phone Calls  45 minutes € 4.500
Skype Sessions  45 minutes  € 10.000           Phone Calls  45 minutes € 6.000

Skype Sessions additional time per 15 minutes €2.000                                                                 Phone Calls  additional time per 15 minutes €1.500

If you wish to have your phone number hidden from me so I can’t see it I don’t mind.

Note: Direct cell phone privileges are reserved for devoted admirers after they make an initial Tribute of €5000.

Tributes can be made via PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoins or cash via my P.O Box.

Send email for my PO Box address.