Financial Domination

Subliminal Elite Financial Domination Is So Sublime

They say the mind is a precious thing. Oh, how I do love to distort it. Using my silky voice as a weapon of mass seduction, I will snap your synapses into submission.

All men serve me monetarily. It is simply another form of worship, which happens to be my personal favorite. It’s a suffering like no other. It permeates your entire existence. Emotionally, mentally, physically – the pain of paying is more restrictive than any traditional bondage and infinitely more satisfying. Money turns me on and it compliments my power extracting it by force or via willing tribute. As a successful gentleman you know that money and control go hand in hand.

Sometimes it can be an extreme binge, which has you giving much more than you can really afford and suffering deeper and much more intensely. Thousands upon thousands out of your account and into mine. The feeling intensifies and develops into a hard habit to break. But then, just look at me – how could you ever possibly want to escape?

I’m also into investments like pure gold, diamonds and bonds. So you will surrender that cash to me, often, because I am always thinking about securing my financial future. As the business woman that I am, you also will be required to invest in my business ventures and you will use your information and resources that might be of use to me to secure my future. This is such a privilege for you to do so!

Of course some of you will make sure that I can go shopping, go on spa trips, accessorize my body with high end jewelry and wear designer high heels and enjoy expensive first class vacations, as well as keeping my Louis Vuitton wallet filled nicely!

Nothing and nothing but the best for me because that’s what I deserve as an elite financial domination mistress.