You’re attractive, professionally successful, and doing just fine on the vanilla dating front. And yet, with a never-ending stream of gorgeous partners at your fingertips, you somehow find yourself wanting more. More substance, more layers and more excitement. That wanting ‘more’ is kink. You’re probably not sure how far you’re willing to go, or even what kind of activities are available.

The more you research, though, the more you realize you don’t know. And frankly, it can be overwhelming. But, you are still here reading, that means you know that you crave to be under the control of a dominant, attractive, young, educated and elegant South American Mistress. You want to feel alive and I want it to be real. The need to feel the rough edges of our boundaries, and the ability to push them aside. The mystery, losing control, love, dreaminess and some kind of escapism in my presence will all be experienced at once.

If you decide to give into your desires you will meet an authentic, accomplished woman who also happens to be highly skilled in the art of control.

From students in college, and the blue-collar worker to men in the most elite jobs such as financiers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEO’s, I just love to enslave all kinds of men but corporate, powerful and wealthy men are my personal favorites. You are used to waltzing around your office seemingly, “in control” and handing down orders to your personnel. But deep inside we all know you have the craving of letting go of that control and within my presence you will be able to do just that.

I get aroused when you continue to put me first, which is where I belong: over your wife, or girlfriend, friends and other obligations except for your working commitments of course, because this will interfere with my money. If you are sleeping with your secretary which is not uncommon, because she was easy and available and caters to your every whim. Or, spending thousands of euro’s on so-called high class escorts who have nothing exclusive about them, and in fact more millage than a second hand car, who are willing to do just everything for money, what your pretty wife at home will not. Or a pro dominatrix who claims to be in control but who is actually serving you because you pay her by the hour and tell her what you want and need . Not me! I am the woman that will put you in your place where you belong and make sure that you cater to my every whim.

If you don’t have a girlfriend or a wife that’s even better. Serving me and catering to me is and always will be your number 1 focus from now on! And maybe an exclusive arrangement is the best choice for you. You want to spoil and cater to me not because I ask you too but because you want to.

And then there are those that crave my complete control. Your accounts become my accounts, I assign you a monthly allowance – everything above and beyond your basic survival needs goes to me or other arrangements can be made if you are extremely wealthy or need to maintain a certain standard of living.

Your expense account will become accustomed to Me, because as soon as you kiss your wife goodbye, your …… are mine… and we both know you wouldn’t have it any other way!