All prospective admirers note that I do not offer sex, sexual acts, or nudity in any capacity. I won’t see you if you disrespect my time or my boundaries. If you are into second hand goods please close this page and contact a prostitute or so called high class escort. Here I set the rules. If you are not up my standards and which is not qualified by money because that speaks for its self I will not waste my time on you. If we speak on the phone and you are not able to engage in a normal conversation, maybe I just don’t like the sound of your voice or if our conversation is not interesting I will not continue. Because there is nothing worse than spending time with a person that is not interesting and is a waste of my precious time.


I am busy Woman, don’t expect a quick response. Sending a tribute along with an introduction mail is required. Without an initial tribute such as a NETAPORTER virtual giftcard, you’ll have a difficult time getting my attention. I find the “promise of money” and gift-waving tactics rather boring. Let’s make one thing clear: The minimum tributes stated on the Meet Sublime Mistress page are not to be questioned and are not up for negotiation.


My orders are not to be questioned. If I give them, I have carefully thought about what I expect from you, and whether I can really demand this of you in your circumstances as you have revealed to me. You will trust me completely, because it is submission, to this extent that I require of an admirer.The following concepts are crucial in your service to me, or else I will deem you a fake. Honesty, punctuality, dependability, patience, solvency and modesty is what I expect and demand. I set high standards and you will ask yourself daily whether you measure up to them.


Don t lie! Liars can never redeem themselves. Second chances are very costly. My admirers should be honest with me. Don’t bother if all of your credit cards are maxed out, are unemployed, or a student with no money. I don’t care about your financial woes!


You need to abide by a certain dress code that fit my eyes. You need to be freshly showered, nicely dressed up to my standards. You can be dressed casual chique make sure your shoes are up to par because if not this will cause my departure. If you never cared about your clothing or appearance before you will start caring today. Clothing from Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni and shoes from Testoni or even white Adidas sneakers to name a few brands. We can go shopping and when I am done with you every woman will be turning her head when you walk done the street with me. My personal favorites are the jealous sales ladies of the high end boutiques seeing you pay for all my luxury items wishing they were me and will try to flirt with you not knowing I own and control you.


You are not paying me for any services you are just showing your appreciation for my valuable and precious time and or you just would like to spoil me like a real gentleman should.


Naturally, you can rely on my discretion and I rely on yours. You are prohibited from taking my picture or filming me. I will respect your privacy unless you desire different such as to be blackmailed.


There might be private subjects you would rather not talk to me about, and naturally I will respect this. Please take into account that there might also be private matters I don’t want to discuss. I don’t disclose anything about my personal or professional life, unless it’s business-wise beneficial for me to do so.


Drug abuse or indulging yourself in drinking too much alcohol to the point of getting drunk is not allowed and unacceptable to me. This will cause me to departure immediately.


“Treat others like you want them to treat you” is the golden rule every gentleman should follow (and every person, for that matter). Respect my boundaries and understand that ‘no’ means exactly that: no. He who appeals to me without honestly wishing, and realistically being able, to proceed in full readiness and acknowledgement of my etiquette rules, not as a tribute but as a whining admirer, would immediately end up on the ignore list!