I do not exist to cater to your pleas to wear rubber or Latex outfits if this is your fetish. I don’t offer any kind BDSM sessions since I am not a ProDominatrix. I will not in engage in any play for pay situations. I also do not offer sex, sexual acts, or nudity in any capacity. If your weakness happens to fit into who I am, my moods and the fashions that I enjoy, I will happily use them to make sure I get what I want, and when I want it from you. Below you will find a list of the most basic BDSM activities within kink that I do enjoy.


Abandonment is a type of play that involves a sub being left alone for long periods of time. In the meantime I go shopping with your credit cards. This could take place in various positions: the submissive could be restrained on the floor, on a bed, or in a cage or closet; alternatively, the submissive may not be restrained at all, but just told to sit or stand in a room. The only constant is that they are left alone and largely ignored.


Blackmail is an activity that involves a dominant having power over a submissive and threatening to use this power to affect a real life situation of the submissive. This can typically involve the dominant having embarrassing photos of the submissive, or having the contact details of the submissive’s family or work colleagues, and threatening to contact them if an agreed contract, usually involving regular payments, is not adhered to.


Begging is an activity that involves the submissive being forced to kneel and beg the dominant. This begging can often be for something that the submissive wants to do, such as being able to worship the dominant’s feet or legs, or it could be a case of the submissive being forced to beg for punishment. Generally begging is considered to be a humiliating act, and the fact that the submissive begs from a kneeling position emphasizes this.


Cross-dressing is where an individual wears clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex. This is more common with a male dressing as a female, and in a BDSM context the male submissive could be forced to cross dress as an act of humiliation, potentially in public.


Chastity is where the dominant exerts control over the submissive by determining if and when they are permitted to have sex or masturbate. This is often done by use of a chastity device. These are available for both male and females, and are lockable, with the dominant often keeping the key to the device. The dreamlover2000 is my personal favorite because of the instant behavior correction and attitude adjustment in any situation.


Corner time is a form of punishment whereby a sub is made to stand or kneel in the corner of the room for long periods of time, both as a form of humiliation and a form of abandonment.


Dinner domination between a dominant and submissive, which would tend to involve a degree of public humiliation, such as telling-off and name calling in front of waiting staff and other diners, the male submissive being made to change into women’s underwear, or the female dominant making the submissive drink her urine from a glass at the table.


Foot worship is a type of foot sexual fetishism whereby one partner worships the feet of the other, normally as a submissive in a BDSM relationship. The worship could take a number of forms, such as stroking, massaging, applying nail varnish, licking, sniffing or kissing.


Fur fetish is where an individual may become sexually aroused by either someone else wearing clothing made of fur, or by wearing fur clothing themselves.


Financial domination is a type of control that is centered on the dominant taking money from the submissive. Although consensual, the basis of this kind of play is that the submissive is forced to hand over money, which involves a certain degree of humiliation.


High heels fetish is where an individual is aroused by high-heeled shoes. This can be involved in a number of different scenarios, such as the submissive worshipping the shoes of the dominant, cleaning the shoes of the dominant or being trampled by the dominant.


Lingerie within a BDSM environment can take on a few forms. Some Submissive’s who have a lingerie fetish would want to be dominated by someone wearing lingerie, or may wish to buy lingerie for their dominant. Others, who have an interest in cross-dressing, may be forced to wear lingerie themselves, or to buy lingerie from a store in an act of public humiliation.


Money fetish is a general term for those who are aroused at the thought of money. In a BDSM context this is often explored by financial domination, whereby those who are aroused by money are humiliated by having money taken from them by the dominant.


Powerful men who are used to handing down orders to their personnel, but when I walk into their office they know who is control.


Race play is an activity whereby the submissive is abused and humiliated on account of their race, usually by a dominant of a different race. This would tend to be mainly verbal in style and could be incorporated in a type of historical role-play.


Sensual domination is generally considered to include a slightly softer side of domination within BDSM play. The idea behind this though is that the power of the dominant over the submissive is achieved through sensuality rather than through cruelty and strictness. In this sense, sensual domination does not necessarily have to be softer, but is merely more of a psychological experience than a physical one.


Shopping domination between a dominant and submissive, which would tend to involve a degree of public humiliation, such as telling-off and name calling in front of the boutique waiting staff and orI will make sure that’s its clear to everyone in the boutique that I am the one in control and you are just there to pay the bill. After paying I make sure that you carry all my bags just as a real gentleman should. If you prefer, it does not need to involve humiliation at all you just want to see me happy by spoiling me with expensive gifts, and treat me like the Goddess that I am.


We enjoy a vacation together, which would tend to involve a degree of public humiliation, such as me flying first or business class and you economy class. At our vacation destination which will be a destination of my choice. The minimum 5 star accommodation may either be a suite or beach villa. I will sleep in the king size bed and you may either sleep on the floor or in the closet. During our vacation you are obliged to cater to my every whim. If you prefer it does not need to involve humiliation at all you just want to see me happy by spoiling me with an expensive vacation and treat me like the princess that I am.